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West Aussies ready to take on the Americans

If you haven't already heard Discovery channels "Street Outlaws No Prep" are coming to the Perth Motorplex on February 24-25. Plenty of West Australians have put their hand up to race the Americans. Lets have a look at who has called out which american so far.

Simon Gonzo Travaglini Calls Robin Roberts

John Zappia Calls out Jeff Lutz

Roger Moorshouse Calls out Murder Nova

Glen Van Dongen Calls out Farm Truck

Mark Chapman Calls out Jeff Lutz

Vince Belladonna Calls Out Anyone

Connor McClure Calls Out Anyone

Jeff Lewis Calls Out Scott Taylor

Peter Appleby Calls Out Murder Nova and Kyle Kelley

Rocco Salvo Calls Out Kyle Kelly

Dan Johnston Calls Out Jeff Lutz

Greg James Calls Out Anyone

Phil Rowles Calls Out Farmtruck

Micheal Waters Call Farmtruck


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