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Goldenstates 49 Event Wrap up: Paul & Lisa

Goldens have been run and done for another year.

After two qualifying runs on Friday night and one more on Saturday afternoon Lisa qualified in 18th position in Super Street and I qualified in 5th position in Modified.

Into eliminations on Saturday afternoon and Lisa came up against Craig Caton just like last meeting, unfortunately this time Lisa was a little too eager and red lit handing the win to Craig.

I lined up against Paul Ryan in the first round and I was able to get the win going 0.015 on the tree and running 8.844 on the 8.84 dial for a .019 package.

Onto the semi final we went.

In the semi I was alongside Neil Gannaway, we had a 5 hour break between the first round and the semi final with 1000 foot drop in the Density Altitude and without much data on the car I was a bit nervous about picking a dial in, I ended up going for an 8.75 which turned out to be reasonably close as the car ran 8.757 but I also left a cherry on the tree and gave away the win.

There are still improvements to be made on the car and I have plans to do some of them before the next meeting on the 9th of December.

Thank you to all the people who put in time and effort to get us to these meetings, we couldn't do it without you.


Australian Scrap Batteries

AllFast Torque Converters

LSX Powertrain

Bevan Garbellini

Jacob Mills

Jase Dobra

Jamie Chappell

Cam Lockett



Perth Motorplex Track Crew

Summit Racing Equipment


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