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Name – Liz Johns

Role - Current Vice President WADRA, Life Member Westside DRA (now WADRA), ANDRA Divisional Council Delegate, Perth Motorplex casual (very casual) Bracket Marshall. Former Secretary of WADRA, Westside DRA and WASSMA, former Treasurer of WASSMA.

Best part of your job - Meeting new people and helping racers and crews alike on and off the track. This brings you as close to the action as you can get and I would recommend volunteering to anyone, young, old, male, female, there is something for everyone. Act, Belong, Commit.

Favourite Class - Any Group 2 classes and I love the really close Group 3 racing. Get an understanding of how the hell racers can predict within 100ths of a second how long it will take them to get from point A to point B with the variables of weather, wind, how much sleep they got the night before 😂 and you will appreciate what it takes to be a DYO racer. Amazing.

Years In Sport - 35. My husband raced Modified Bike at Ravenswood in 1984 and again in 1987 in Darwin. His race number was 28 back in the day. I remember the likes of Glen Higgins and Roger and Kay Houghton, Vic and Fred Corlett, And many other great people who made us so welcome. Didn’t get involved with the Altered until 2000 and that’s when we joined what was then Westside DRA.

Highlights - Westernats and Championship win in Modified in 2003 and the fantastic people met along the way. And we never would,have gotten to that milestone without the help of club members after Rick had an accident in April of 2001 and we were back racing with a brand new car (and a brand new baby!) in October of the same year. Peter Townsend, Terry Dorrington, Ian Jenkins and Steve ‘Bushdog’ McGrath are the first names that pop into my head when I think of that day.
Running in Competition Eliminator at the Westernats and getting a Crew Chief staging beams nod from Trevor Morrison and again from Stuart Roland across in the other lane that their drivers were ready for battle. Felt like I had made the big time!

Hobbies - Der.......Drag Racing 😂

Best advice you've been given - We are here for a good time not a long time.

Favourite TV Show - Breaking Bad

Daily Drive –Commodore SV6 Sportswagon

Current Music Favourite - Post Malone (Don’t judge! He’s good!)

These things always start conversations and hopefully encourage others to volunteer and be part of a great sport.

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