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Top Sportsman Driver Profiles

Driver: Dean Dawes
Nickname: Turbo or El Turbo
Race Car- Mazda RX3 Coupe
Race Number- 1888
Class- Top Sportsman
Crew- Shane Brown. Any of my Mates who drop in usually get put to work.
Crew Chief - Janine Dawes
Years in the sport- Been in and around since 1990.
Best ET/MPH- 7.431 184.95
Sponsors- Envisage Accounting Services : Rotomotion
Career Highlights- A Mod Bike Round Win in my first year back in Perth. A Best Engineered Award from ANDRA for our Current Car.
Race Team: The Perthorican
Hobbies - Collecting Mazda Memorabilia
Favourite Car: FD RX7
Daily Drive- Mazda BT50

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