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Compettion Bike Racer Morry Cantarella's Suzuki GSX14000 was purschased to build a rolling racing tribute to young man Jeremy Hansord (the original Bullfrog from the song "Jerimiah was a Bullfrog "). Who tragically lost his life in a motorcycle accident in rural NSW in April 2009, It was a shcok and loss as his wife Amanda was 4 months pregnant with their first child. Morry was inspired to build a race bike in his honor. The bike was bought was a total loss insurance wreck same model and year as Jeremy's Bike. Morry, Jeremy raced at Wednesday nights and Fast Friday events at the Perth Motoplex. Phil Paton and Mel Cully helped build the bike, the bike was finished just after Jeremy and Amanda son Zavier was born. It's fisrt pass was a 11.88, As of 2013 its Personal Best time was a 10.86.

But last wednesday after the bike had not been ridden in 5 years, The bike ran a Persenal Best of 10.188 after been rebuilt. Morry has entered this weekends 49th annual Goldenstates, as the last time the bike was raced was the 2019 Goldenstates. The bike engine has been built by Phil Tianton in Melbourne its a 1620 cc, The paint was done "Bullfrog Green" by Andy Peet from Plastonics. Morry has alot emotions involved in the build and rebuilds with approx 250 man hours just in the update alone.

Morry is hoping that Jeremy's Wife and son Zavier who is now 13 years old can come to the Goldenstates to see the bike race once agian. Morry will keep building and improving the bike as contuning memory to Jeremy. The 49th Annual Goldenstates is this weekend featuring Nitro Funny cars, Top Dooorslammer, Pro Alcohol, Top Fuel Motorcycle and the Summit Equipment Racing Sportsman Seres.


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