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The weekend started off with the Torana making an immaculate A-B pass repeating its form from last meet with a brand new converter thanks to Simon at Allfast !! Going a 6.58@215mph of the trailer . Kasey come out next up dropping the axe with a .002 Reaction time followed by a 7.57.

Kasey came out for Q2 with a -.007 red light getting abit keen on the tree but going through for a 7.54 . We made a few tweaks to the Torana for Q2 proving a little too much going into shake and aborting the pass !

Q3 for Connor came around at 10.30pm on the Friday and a few more tweaks on the power delivery got the car down to a 6.52 a PB for the car and a great step for the teams confidence going into eliminations on Saturday ! Kasey Q3 came around Saturday morning and .033 on tree backed up by a 7.53 was the result.

E1 time and Connor took on Todd Stacey and came out on top with a 6.68 on a very greasy hot track ! Kasey would come out victorious against Vince Belladona in her first round also!

E2 and Moreno Gulloto was the next person in the way for Connor and it was a great race with a 6.68 to a 6.67 but just not enough to get around him putting Connor out for the day ! Kasey had a bye into the final but still throwing down a .010 light and a 7.53 on a cheeky 7.54 dial in !

Finals time come and Brodie was mid thrash in the pits with a wounded car we waited for an extra 5 minutes for him to make a race of it !

Brodie unfortunately couldn’t fire but with Kasey running a 7.52 on a 7.51 there was going to have to be a serious package come from Brodie to take Kasey down !


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