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Modified Driver Profiles

Driver - John Althuizen

Race Number – 270

Class - A/MR

Crew - Annette, Glenn, Clive, Bec, Chris, Chris(Curley) and Ric on tow car.

Crew Chief - Annette

Years In Sport - 32Best ET/ MPH. - 7.49@175mph

Sponsors - Allfast Torque Converters, JPP( Jenkins performance products), Speed Torque.

Career Highlights:

- Westernationals wins 2010 and 2017, A/MR et record 2018.

Hobbies - Engineering, Outback Travel.

Favourite Opponent - Brenton Baxter

First Car Raced - XC Falcon 1980,s grudge meets.

First Race Car - ZD Fairlane

Best advise you've been given - Prepare the best you can every time, success will follow.

Favourite TV show - All 4 Adventure.

Daily Drive - 2013 Land Cruiser Dual Cab.

Driver – Darrell Horley
Race Number – 896
Class – A/MR (previously run A/MA & A/AA)
Crew – Mum & Dad, brother, mates
Crew Chief – The steering wheel gorilla
Years In Sport – Spectated first 1990 Nats, driving on/off since 1995
Best ET/ MPH. – Currently 9.09@144mph but A/MA went 7.28@180mph
Sponsors – Had heaps of help of the years from Ballistic Racecars, Ranch Engineers, Dimoff Transmissions, Fremantle Torque Convertors, Armadale Autos & PigFish Racing
Career Highlights – If not running that 7.28 it’s setting up & tuning Michelle Osborns A/MA into the 7.0s under the National record & track records at 3 tracks
Social -
Hobbies – RC Ultra4 racing Aus4RC
Favorite Opponent – Anyone at least as old as I am, they have the same lousy reactions as I do as opposed the whipper snappers all coming up from J/D
First Race Car – 10.2@130mph A/MA “Blueprint”
Best advise you've been given – Record your set-up & only make 1 change at a time
Favorite TV show – Doco’s & cooking shows, I like learning stuff with minimal effort
Daily Drive – 1996 Chevy C3500 extra cab dually pick-up, only for towing the trailer, not compensating for anything

Driver - Nick Panagopoulos 
Race Number – 5146
Class - Mofified, (Previously Super Sedan)
Crew - Andrew, Glenn, Chris, Will 
Crew Chief - Glenn/Con
Years In Sport - 6
Best ET/ MPH. - 9.007 @ 150
Sponsors -Balcatta Engines, AMWU W.A Branch, VP Racing Fuels AustraliaWanneroo Pool Services.  
Career Highlights - Winning 2018 Golden States this year and first ANDRA tree
Facebook Page - Pana Racing 
Hobbies - Cars, roses.
Favorite Opponent - All in Super Sedan. Great group with plenty of laughs along the way
First Race Car - HQ speedway standard saloon
Best advise you've been given - If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again. 
Favorite TV show.-Mash
Daily Drive - SS crewmen


Chevy Monte Carlo



Driver - Rhys Naylor
Race Car - 1923 T Bucket Altered
Race Number – 95
Class - Modified A/MA
Crew - Mike (Dad), Rhonda (Mum), Brayden, Alicia, Mikey.
Crew Chief - Mike (Dad)
Years In Sport - 27 years
Best ET/ MPH. - 7.748 @ 171.71mph ( 276.35kmh)
Sponsors - Illusion Vinyl Wraps & GraphicsNT Tyre Service
,Bee Firm NRG - natural honey drinks.

Career Highlights:

2020 Western Nationals Modified Winner 
Semi Finalist - 2009 Winternationals

Fast Friday Series Champion Junior Dragster

2 Time Fast Friday Series Sport Compact Champion

2 Time Ford vs Holden Event Winner

4th in track championship in debut season in modified.

Going 170+Mph

Crewing for my sister to be the first WA driver to win the Winternationals in Jr Dragster

Crewing for both my brothers when they both won the Australian Championship in Jr Dragster 2013 and 2016

Social/Website - Naylor Racing
Hobbies - Drag Racing, Squash, Anything Motorsport.
Favourite Opponent - Erin Healy
Best advise you've been given - Race your own race
Favourite TV Show- Street Outlaws, Mr Inbetween
Daily Drive - FG X Ford Falcon XR8

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