Driver - Jamie Chaisty
Race Number – 1743
Class - Super Stock H/MSA
Crew - Dad, Jake, Geoff Simpson, Nicole, Mason and Mum. 
Crew Chief - Dad
Years In Sport - Been going to track since i was born. Been racing for 7 years. 
Best ET/ MPH. - 9.184 @ 146 mph
Sponsors - C&R Motorsport Developments, Motorsport Database, A1 Hi Performance, Applied Automotive. 
Career Highlights:
πŸ† 2016/17 Australian Super Stock Champion
πŸ† 2017 Australian Nationals Winner 
πŸ₯‡ 2017/18 WA Super Comp Champion
Facebook page - Chaisty Motorsport
Hobbies - Drag Racing, gym.
Favorite Opponent - Errol Quartermaine
First Race Car - Dirt Go Kart
Best advise you've been given - Don't worry about who's in the other lane. 
Favorite TV show - Street Outlaws 
Daily Drive - Subaru Imprezza WRX

Super Comp Driver Profiles


Driver - Ralph Lewis
Race Car- 2010 Pro Stock Mustang (Partners with Rick Johns JPP Altered 2016-2019)
Race Number – 2402
Class – A/APA
Crew – Deb Peters, Danial Bardot, Jay Jeffreys, Katie McEntyre, Zac Foster-Bardot ( Liz Johns, Rick Johns, Hannah Johns 2016-2019)
Years In Sport - 19
Best ET/ MPH. – 6.972 @ 197.28 mph
Sponsors - Vulcan Panel and Paint, GKR Transport, Dragtech Fabrication, Emerald Tyres Joondalup, DTM
Career Highlights-

Westernationals 2016 Super Stock Winner

Goldenstates 2017 Competition Finalist

Divisional Champion 2017/2018 Competition

Goldenstates 2018 Superstock Runner up

Westernationals 2018 Competition Winner

Westernationals 2019 Competition Runner Up

Track Championship 2015/2016 Runner Up

Track Championship 2016/2017 Champion

Track Championship 2017/2018 Runner Up

Track Championship 2018/2019 Runner Up

Wadra Best Appearing Vehicle and Crew 2017 Winner

Hobbies – Cars and drinking beer
Favourite Opponent – Errol Quartermaine
Career Goals - To run 200 mph
Favourite TV Show- Deadliest Catch
Daily Drive – Ford Ranger

2010    Ford Mustang

Driver - Geoff Chaisty
Race Car- 1997 Full Chassis VS Commodore
Race Number – 743
Class - Super Stock G/GAS
Crew - Geoff Simpson, Sons Jake and Jamie
Crew Chief - Self
Years In Sport - 34 or 35 ish
Best ET/ MPH. - 8.38 @ 159 (2009)
Sponsors - C&R Motorsport Developments
Career Highlights:
"Team" - Getting to see both my Sons Win Australian Super Stock Championship.
2 X Australian Super Stock Championship 97/98 & 98/99
4 X Consecutive WA Super Comp Championships
1999 & 2008 Western Nationals Super Stock Winner

Social/Website - Chaisty Motorsport
Hobbies - Cars, Engines, Motorsport
Favourite Opponent - Anyone in a Super Stock car.
Best advise you've been given - Race what you can afford to race, not what you afford to build.
Favourite TV Show- The Front Bar
Daily Drive - Holden Colorado

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