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Super Sedan Driver Profiles

Driver - Ray Le-Cocq
Race Car- 1973 Leyland P76 🚗
Race Number – 3113
Class - SS/A
Crew - Mick, Alex, Dammo when not running the modified
Crew Chief - Mick when not running the dragster 
Years In Sport -10  

Best ET/ MPH. - 9.85 @138 MPH
Sponsors - none but open to offers lol 
Career Highlights:
🥈Runner- up Super Sedan Nov 2016 Event  
🏆Winner Super Sedan Nitro 2017 round 
🎖️Finished 4th in the 2016/17 Track Championship season 
Social - Le-Cocq Family Racing
Hobbies - Drag racing 
Favourite Opponent - Any one 
Best advise you've been given - When your in a hole stop digging 

Favourite TV Show-  haven't got one 
Daily Drive - AU Falcon cus it was cheap

Currently sitting this season out and maybe next with a hand injury.


Driver - Roger Moorhouse
Race Number – 1648
Class - Currently Supercharged Outlaws previously raced in Super Sedan and Super Street. 
Crew - Stuart Moorhouse, Johnny Dewaayer, Mike Sprlyan, Kym Westwood
Crew Chief - take your pick they all like to tell me what to do. Lol
Years In Sport - as a driver around 8 as a fan 25yrs
Best ET/ MPH. - not 100% sure but around 8.80 @ 155mph
Sponsors - ACTON RockinghamACS Computers.
Career Highlights:
🏆2012 Western Nationals win in Super Street. 
Facebook Page - Staging Lanes Drag Racing
Website - 
Hobbies - Traveling 
Favorite Opponent - Blake Jefferies. Great racer
First Race Car - LX Tory (still got it)
Best advise you've been given - The definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different result. 
Favorite TV show - Game of Thones
Daily Drive - Toyota Landcruiser

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