Modified Bike Rider Profiles

Rider - Luke Seaton
Race Number – 4646
Class - Mod Bike B/MB 
Crew - Me, Mum
Crew Chief - Mum (If I listen)
Years In Sport - 10 years, (7 Crewing, 3 racing)
Best ET/ MPH. - 9.84, 254Kph
Sponsors - Cully's YamahaBunbury Dyno, SC Projects, VRT Signs, My family.
Career Highlights -

Event Winner - 2019 Aeroflow Hot Rods 

3rd in 2015/16 Fast Series

Tied 1st Rookie Rider of the year 16/17

5th in 2017/18 WA Championship.
Social - Mad Wombat Racing
Hobbies - Drag Racing and Food 
Favorite Opponent - Any Opponent is tough thou much fun taking on Ross Garrett as thats the team I used to crew for. Zoe always gives me a close race as well.
First Race Bike - 2013 Yamaha XJ6
Best advise you've been given - Always race your lane, do same routine at the start line everytime. Be humble and respect your competition
Favorite TV show - Motogp, Ridiculousness.
Daily Drive - 2017 Ford Ranger XLT



Rider - Jarrod Maclean

Nickname- J-Mac

Race Bike- 2000 CBR929RR

Race Number – 7327

Class - B/MB

Crew -Bridget Bell, Peter Blaquiere, Shaggy

Crew Chief - Zoe Scarlett

Years In Sport - 10 behind the mic, 0 on the bike

Best ET/ MPH. - 11.272/ 127.82mph

Sponsors - AutoPro Bentley, Dipz, J-Mac Media


FB: Shogun Racing.

Insta: shogunracing7327

Hobbies - Dirt Bikes, photography and videography Favourite

Opponent - NA (yet) B

est advise you've been given -

Surround yourself with people who know more than you do.

If you think you're the smartest person in the room, you've already lost.

Favourite TV Show- Brooklyn 99

Daily Drive - Jeep Wrangler