Wayne Keys: Top Comp Champion

After over 40 years of drag racing, Wayne Keys has hanged up the helmet and retired after a very successfully racing career. Wayne was unstoppable in his final season wining the Championship by wining 7 out of 9 events in Top Comp, We asked Wayne a few questions to found out more.

When did you start racing?

Wayne has raced since 1977 , He raced nearly every street car he owned. His first purpose built race car was the Super gas Torana in the early 1990,s. The first blown car was the BMW which was built in the late 1990,s over a few years and debut in Top Comp at Ravenswood Raceway in 1999, and then raced it at the Perth Motorplex. The change to the Holden Monaro body was in 2002, The Current Camaro was built at home and that was debut in 2018.

Congratulations on your WA championship, What does it mean to you to have achieved the title in your last season?

The Top Comp championship is a massive achievement for the team. This makes it our fourth Championship for Top Comp.