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WADRA Club Competition Results: Round 5 & 6

The WADRA club competition has a different criteria for each race meeting to allow all racers a chance regardless of the bracket they race in.

The criteria for the Night of Fire (Round 6) event was the smallest red light in first round of eliminations, Normally red lighting isn't going to win you any money but at this event it does.

Winner: Richard Stevens (Super Street) -0.010 $100 Prize

Runner-up: Lucas Green (Junior Dragster) -0.013 $50 Prize

The criteria for the Super Sportsman Showdown was the best package in first round of competition for group 3 racers. A package is combination of the racers reaction time plus had far they ran off their nominated dial in.

Winner (TIED):

Martin Mirco Dialed in a 9.10 ran a 9.126 with a 0.056 reaction time for a package of 0.082 $100 Prize

Paul Garbellini Dialed in a 11.71 ran a 11.736 with a 0.056 reaction time for a package of 0.082 $100 Prize

Next round the Western Nationals, WADRA will be awarding Top Qualifier and 2nd Top Qualifier which is sponsored by Envisage Accounting and they will be presented at the next club meeting on March 23rd.

Paul Garbellini Image: ACS Sports Images


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