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WA Super Sedan Champion Q & A: Roger Moorhouse

Roger Moorhouse from the Staging Lanes Drag Racing Team won his first Super Sedan Championship in what was a consistent season in the always tough bracket. Roger started the season off with a win which put a target for all other racers in the class aim for.

Congratulations on the Championship, What does it mean to win the WA Super Sedan Championship?

Well that would have to be the longest, hardest, most fun filled and successful seasons I’ve had in my racing career.

We started the season with a win at the first round continuing on from some of the successes’ of the previous year. This put us straight to the top on points and a target for all other racers in our class.

Our year was quite consistent at the start and then the car fell away running all over the place for a few rounds which made it very difficult to dial in. We didn’t have too much time to look at why the Torana was off as we were busy building the HR for the Outlaws event. Once that was out of the way, we had a week to prepare the Torana for the Western Nationals giving her a full going over. We found a few items of concerns and after those were rectified the car back to its former consistent self. The Westerns Nationals is one event that we are always hoping to do well at but unfortunately a red light and broken blower belt in the semifinal seen us just fall short of having the opportunity of wining another Gold Xmas Tree.

What was the highlight of your season?

In between the Torana’s season in Super Sedan, we had the announcement of the Street Outlaws event. This was highly anticipated and the talk of town. Some racers were frothing to be a part of it and others backing off saying that they didn’t want to be a part of it. For us and our team we were ecstatic at the idea these guys and gals were coming all the way from America to race us at our home track. Racing in a team, alongside some of my biggest Australian drag racing idols was the highlight of my racing career. Beating Lizzy Musi twice was the cherry on the cake. What an amazing weekend it was and one that I will never forget. I’m not looking forward to seeing myself but I can’t wait to see what the racing looks like on the TV.

Roger and Lizzy Musi

What are your plans for next season?

We are already preparing and planning the HR to run in Top Sportsman next season.

Who would you like to thank?

To my crew, Stuart, Ray LeCocq, Brandon and the rest of my family, thank you for everything! You guys are amazing.

To the people that help make the above possible through either their awesome workmanship or continued advice, a BIG THANK YOU!!!

Classic Steel Fabrications

Steel Sons Fabrications

Harness Tech

All Coast Sports Photography

Black Magic Race Cars

Allfast Torque Convertors

Peter Veersma Transmissions

Nelgs Ali Mods

Kwinana Performance

C&R Developments

Hopefully I haven’t missed anyone

The Staging Lanes Drag Racing Crew


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