Season Preview: Brodie Zappia

We asked Junior Dragster racer Brodie Zappia a few questions before the season starts as he gets ready to defeat his state championship.

Any changes in the off-season to the race car?

Yes actually quite a few. For the first time, I had a go at completely rebuilding the motor, as well as entirely stripping every nut and bolt in the rear of the car, and replacing them. The engine rebuild consisted of machining the face of the block and head and replacing all the internal parts. A massive thankyou to my sponsor, Aaron Deery from ADR Engines, for taking the time out of his very busy days to assist me, and to provide the machining and a wealth of knowledge. I also replaced clutch springs and ramps, and rebuilt the fuel pump and carby. To come out and run an 8.06@83mph on its first pass since the rebuild, was a great relief and to win Powerpaloosa was even better.