WA Nitro Max Champion: Andrew Katavatis

In the short two year history of the WA Nitro Max Championship, The Beach Bomb Nitro Funny Car team have won the series both years. Andrew Katavatis has dominated the nitro bracket wining 4 out the 6 events in its short history. We asked Andrew a few questions about his season.

Congratulations on winning back to back Nitro Max Championship, what does mean to you to achieve that?

I couldn’t be more thankful for the family and team that surrounds me. Back to back championships couldn’t be possible without the dedication of so many people giving up there time to help us work on, repair and race the car.

What was the highlight of your season?

Running a pb is always up there in the highlight reel for the season ! Winning the bronze ANDRA Xmas tree and top qualifying at the Western Nationals . Honestly spending time with family and crew is why I do it, any chance I get to be at the track with a great group of people is a win in my books.