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Brodie Zappia: WA Junior Dragster Champion

Brodie Zappia won his second WA Junior Dragster Championship this season, Wining 4 events from 6 final round appearances. We ask Brodie a few questions about his impressive season.

Congratulations on your WA championship, What does it mean to you to have achieved the title?

I can't describe quite how it feels, it's a surreal feeling, and to have done it twice in a row now, just astounds me.

What was the highlight of your season?

Winning the Western Nationals is definitely the highlight of the season. The one event I've been wanting to win since I started racing, and I've finally done it. That meeting will be up high in my achievement list for a while to come!.

What are your plans for the next season?

Plans for next season will be to rebuild the motor, clutch and carb, get everything refreshed and just go over little fiddly things like clearances and unwanted play. Next season, the goal will be to go out and repeat what I did this year, with less mistakes and less mechanical failure along the way if we can.

Who would you like to thank?

None of this would be possible without my Mum and Dad, and my crew Adam Gannaway. My sponsors and supporters, ADR Engines, Zappia Racing, ACS Sports Images, CIC Industrial Coatings, Illusion, WADRA, ANDRA and all the other JD racers for a great season.

Photo thanks to ACS Sports Images.


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