From Humble Beginnings

From humble beginnings, 24 years ago in Super Street until today...WOW!!

My involvement in this sport is nothing short of life altering. As I sit on the precipice of a McClure Motorsport restructure, I reflect on what was, what is and what will be??

Through the years I have served many roles, as a crew member for both hubby and my 3 amazing children. A rollercoaster of emotion is felt every race meet. Fear, excitement, pride, frustration, sadness, exhilaration and happiness, to name a few. To witness your children go from babies running around with oversized ear muffs on, to being absorbed in every aspect of this awesome sport, has been a truly amazing experience.

I’ve been a crew member for Al for 24 years and a Junior Dragster Mum for 11 years. I have witnessed the highs and lows for both. For JD’s it swings from winning state championships to being put on the trailer after Q1 for going too fast. The bigger car is the same, but different. The lows of breaking car parts that can’t be replaced easily to t