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Western Nationals Envisage Accounting Top Qualifiers

Hope everyone has recovered from the 50th Western Nationals. What a great vibe around the event.

Below you will see the Top Qualified and 2nd Top Qualified of our members at the Westernationals, which encompasses our Round 7 club competition prizes.

Huge thanks to Janine and Dean Dawes from Envisage Accounting who have sponsored the medallions and prize money and allowed us to award both.

We are hoping that Janine will be available to present the prizes at our next club meeting Tuesday 23rd March 7.00pm, so we ask that if your name is in the Top Qualifiers list, please try your best to support the sponsor and the club by attending to collect your award. As part of the club's policies, you need to be 'actively participating' in club activities to qualify for end of season awards. One way you can do this is to attend club meetings in person, so would appreciate recipients attending or arranging for a representative to attend on your behalf. We are kid friendly and if you need an early night, we can do the awards first up in the program, just let us know.

Thanks to everyone who contributed and/or attended the morning tea on Sunday at the Westernationals. It was another great gathering and continues to grow each year. Thanks to Terry Dorrington and Ray Treasure for your assistance as well. Huge effort by Denise Downe to prepare heaps of lolly bags for all the kids (and the big kids) and was very well received around the pit area.

Also listed here are some outstanding performances and awards from the Westernats by our fantastic club members. All the best to our club members travelling to Mildura for the Grand Final Paul Garbellini in Super Street, Marty Mirco in Super Sedan and Brodie Zappia in Junior Dragster.

50th Westernationals WADRA Envisage Accounting Top Qualifiers

Top Doorslammer

1st - John Zappia

2nd - Mark Chapman

Competition Eliminator

1st- Wayne Keys

2nd - James Kemp

Super Stock

1st- Jake Chaisty

2nd - Dean Dawes

Competition Bike

1st - Paul DeKlerk

2nd - Morry Cantarella

Supercharged Outlaws

1st - Darryl Mullins

2nd - Norbert Claite

Top Sportsman

1st - Paul Downe

2nd - Gail Rowles


1st - Paul Ryan

2nd - Nick Panagopoulos

Super Sedan

1st - Mick Fenton

2nd - Jodie Thostensen

Modified Bike

1st - Simon Garbutt

2nd -Luke Seaton

Super Street

1st - Bernie Ellerby

2nd - Craig Caton

Junior Dragster

1st - Lucas Green

2nd - Zara Board

WADRA Best Finishers

Top Doorslammer

John Zappia - Winner

Competition Eliminator

Wayne Keys - Winner

Ian Brown - Runner Up

Super Stock

Jake Chaisty - Semi Final

Competition Bike (Shootout Format)

Paul DeKlerk - 2 wins from 3 rounds

Supercharged Outlaws

Jodie Mellitt - Runner Up

Top Sportsman

Yvette Gregg - Runner Up

Gail Rowles - Semi Final


Kasey McClure - Runner Up

Super Sedan

Roger Moorhouse - Winner

Ray Le-Cocq - Runner Up

Modified Bike

Hamish Cunningham - Runner Up

Super Street

Bernie Ellerby - Winner

Paul Garbellini - Semi Final

Junior Dragster

Brodie Zappia - Winner

Angel Bakranich - Runner Up National Records

Top Doorslammer - John Zappia - 5.681

Competition Eliminator - Wayne Keys - AA/AP 243.77mph

ANDRA Best Engineered - Jodi Thorstensen

ANDRA Best Presented - Dean Dawes


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