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WA Modified Champion Q&A : Darryl Treasure

Darryl Treasure and the Cleveland Express had a great season wining three events including the 51st Annual Western Nationals and the ANDRA Grand Finals on his way to wining the Championship.

Congratulations on winning the WA Modified Championships, What does it mean to you win the championship?

To win the Championship means a huge amount to me, our family lives and breathes this sport. Racing against so many hotshot Modified racers I never expected to pick up the Championship. When you think I first raced in the 1970s, this is only my second Championship win, the first one was over 40 years ago before Modified was even a DYO bracket.

What was the highlight of your season?

There were many highlights during the season for me but there is one that really sticks out. The Westernations, this year I had just won the Modified Gold Christmas tree, on the way back on the return road we stopped at the finish line to watch Sam come through in the Comp final to pick up our second Gold Christmas tree for the event, Sam also setting the AA/A ET record at that meeting, this being a lifelong dream of mine. Not only was this event the highlight of the season for me, it is also the highlight of my racing career.

What are you plans for next season?

Plans for next season are still up in the air. I haven't yet decided if I will run or not next year. We have begun freshening up the car so that at least we will have the option. Sam will be running a few more meeting next year than he did this year, maybe I will run the meetings Sam doesn't? I love this sport, I enjoy spectating almost as much as I do racing, so one way or the other I will still be at the track.

Who would you like to thank?

So many people to thank, anybody that is involved in this sport knows just how much is involved to run these cars. Firstly the staff and volunteers at Perth Motorplex for providing us with a world class facility that truly cares about the racers, led by the great man, my brother Ray. My fellow Modified racers, it is a great group of racers who are all willing to help each other out. Pino Priolo for his support running the cars. Bob and Peter Lush at Applied Automotives for all the machine work. Leigh Fallon from Lethal Industries for his repairs and fabrication work. Ian Jenkins for building such an amazing car. Chris Dimoff for looking after the gearbox. Ian Brown for all the engine consulting, I have lost count of the number discussions with Ian along the lines of 'I am thinking of', 'What do you think about this', 'Which parts would you recommend', 'Can you do this for me', etc, etc, etc. And then my crew, mother-in-law and dial in guru Thelma. Daughter-in-law and tow car driver Maddy. Rob who crews on my car when Sam is racing. My youngest son Sam who got me back racing after a 20+ year break.. My oldest son Ben who is the crew chief on my car and shoulders the brunt of the work. And finally my beautiful wife Julie who is the lynch pin in our team and encourages this old man to do something we all love.


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