Daniel Gregorini won his first National Top Doorslammer Championship this year after a impressive season with two events wins and 3 top qualifying awards.

How did you get into drag racing?

My dad used to race back in 1987 at Ravenswood when I was 3 years old in a HZ premier running 12s in SS/T from there he upgraded to a LX hatchback Torana in SS/A in 1995 running in the low 10sec range , from there we worked on the car and go It into the high 9 seconds where I took over in late 2001 when I turned 17 . 5 years later and 1 local #1 championship under my belt that was sold to step up to our current car which we debuted in jan 2009 So this season just finished completed my 20th season / year in drag racing

Why do you choose to compete in the Top Doorslammer category?

Do you have plans to try other classes? As a young kid at ravenswood I always loved blown cars and followed “ I’m not goner lie “ john Zappia he was every kids favorite. I did love pro stock cars when I was growing up but sitting on the hill in the mid 2000s when top Doorslammer was made a class nothing else tops the excitement on the hill when the likes of zap , Fabietti, bray , kapiris came out and di