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ANDRA Grand Final Preview: Paul Garbellini

We caught up with Super Street racer Paul Garbellini before this weekends ANDRA Grand Final at the Sunset Strip in Mildura.

What’s been the highlight of your Summit Sportsman series campaign this season?

The highlight of this season would have to be winning at Portland, Lisa and I have been going to Portland for a few years now and it is a great little town with awesome people and superb 1/8th mile track, so to be able to bring home my first ANDRA Christmas Tree there was pretty special.

How do you prepare for this important event? Any changes to the car?

Preparing for these events can get pretty hectic on its own but then when you add the border restrictions, driving the race car there, it being the Grand Final and me being on the points cap with two other racers it gets pretty full on.

Because we don't tow a trailer, we can only take what will fit in the car and once you put a spare wheel in, two race tyres and a swag to sleep in that doesn't leave much room. So over the years I've cut it down to just the essentials and some things for roadside repairs.

Also learning how to pack a car like tetris has helped, a lot of people are surprised at how much stuff can come out of one car.

How do you prepare for this important event? Any changes to the car?

No real changes to the car, i try and keep them to a minimum though the season if i can. There's probably a bit of superstition in that as well. I just keep up with the maintenance before the trips to minimize any issues.

What do you think is the biggest challenge you will face at Mildura?

I think the biggest challenge for this meeting may be the weather and track conditions.

Around this time of year in Mildura, it's pretty hot and dusty and that's what caused the last Twilight Nationals to be cancelled. But its not looking to bad over there at the moment so fingers crossed.

Who to you is your biggest threat for the championship?

The biggest threat would probably be Nikolas Karanovic (one of the other racers on the points cap) he came second in the previous seasons championship and is a good racer but we've become good mates over the years and if between us we came first and second i think we would be happy whatever the order.

A few words from Lisa and Paul:

Lisa and I have been travelling around to Summit rounds for about seven years on and off now with mixed results and i would say it's probably the best thing I've done in racing.

All the good people you meet the great times you have on the way to, before, during and after the races.

It's unbelievable and i couldn't recommend it enough, It's a great way to see the country and enjoy the sport you love.This season I've had a good crack at it and contested every round of the twelve round three year championship across this beautiful country and whatever happens on Saturday night on the 13th of March at the Twilight Nationals Summit Racing Equipment Sportsman Series Grand Final in Mildura ill just be grateful for the friends I've made and the good times I've had.

You can't put together a season like this without quality help from some good friends and family and I'd just like to say thank you to all the people that support Lisa and myself.

Mitch & Deb at WA Performance

Josh at LSX Powertrain

Our Families and friends

Jacob Mills

David Larner

The Karanovic's

Marty Mirco & crew

Peter Tzokas

Brett Mathews



Ray Treasure

Perth Motorplex crew

All the Tracks around the country that hold these rounds and their crew's

Red Nut Racing

Mark Cowland

All the Racers and Crew's

Thank you

Paul & Lisa Garbellini


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