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Alby goes back to back in Top Sportsman

Alby Bakranich has won a State Championship in three different group 3 classes, 2018/19 Super Street Champion, 2012/13 Super Sedan Champion and now back to back Top Sportsman Championships. Alby had a very impressive season winning 5 out of 9 events in his 565 cube Chevy Monte Carlo.

Congratulations on winning back to back WA Top Sportsman Championships, What does it mean to you to have achieved your second championship win?

Last years goal was to win the Top Sportsman Championship and to have 3 championships in 3 different classes, This year’s goal was to win back to back top sportsman championships so its an amazing achievement. It was by far my most successful season ever as far as the amount of finals we were in and the amount we won.

What was the highlight of your season?

The highlight for me the season was the dual 000 reaction times in eliminations with Yvette but then breaking out by .001 a near perfect run and Angel making her first final ever in Junior dragster at the 50th Western Nationals in her first season of racing.

What are you plans for next season?

The plan for next season will be much the same, I found out last season it takes a huge amount of time and effort to run 2 cars as well as learning the ins and outs of junior dragsters.

Who would you like to thank?

I have a few people I would like to thank there is no possible way I could race or have any success with out there help. First special thanks to Zac he is not only at the track every meeting he is always in the shed helping with the car in every way. Also thanks to Mum,Dad,Josh,Tyson,Angel,Darren,Tyrone and Marcina.

My Sponsors:

- Australian Ceramic Engineering

- WA Racing Developments (Mike) - There was at least 3 Friday nights where I needed his help to be at the track Saturday morning and he came through every time plus his time and knowledge, Dyno tuning and chassis setup.

Alby Bakranich's Monte Carlo Top Sportsman Car ( Picture by Mike Sprlyan ACS Sports Images)


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