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50th Western Nationals Preview: Ray Le-Cocq

Super Sedan driver Ray Le-Cocq races a 1973 Layland P76, We asked him a few questions about the upcoming 50th Annual Western Nationals.

What was your first Western National you raced in?

I didn't start drag racing till I came back ti oz in 2007 ran the P on Friday nights so really my first westerns would of been probably been 2009?

What’s your Western Nationals Drag Racing Highlight?

Crewing on Damions Le-Cocq Junior dragster when he won the Western Nationals and then in 2020 beating Kathy Regan in round one after coming back from my work place injury in 2017 had my last op just before Christmas 2019 didn't get signed off by my surgeon till first week in Feb 2020 passed my medical and got my ANDRA licence just before closing date and met Kathy round one and got the win .

What would it mean to you win the 50th Annual Western National?

That's a hard one, we've had a bad year so far with the car so to win would mean we have got our shit together at the highest level and it would of been all worthwhile

Ray SS/A 3113 Worlds quickest

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