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50th Western Nationals Preview: Bernie Ellerby

We Catch up with Super Street Racer Bernie Ellerby who races a 1968 Holden Torana called Hepatitis B.

What was your first Western Nationals yo raced in?

The first Western Nationals I raced in was the 2010/11 season. I had a fuel pump problem and burned a valve that left me with no compression in number 5 cylinder so I was up against beat the heat team in the first round and I had to dial in a slower time but I should have run it on 5 cylinders all the time because I beat the heat and broke out and nearly did a PB on the brakes. Well that was me on the trailer.

Here's some pictures from Bernie s first Western Nationals Back then it was packed and super street were pitted up on the hill right up behind the speedway track

Whats your Western Nationals Highlight?

The only Western Nationals highlight was back in the 2013/14 season when we were limited to 11 seconds I top qualified with a 11.000 on the last qualifier.

What would it mean to you to win the 50th Annual Western Nationals?

To win the 50th Western Nationals would mean to me at least a old school low budget car can still be competitive and the satisfaction that in ten years I finally won one.


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