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2020/21 Drag Racing Season Preview: Board Family Racing

The Board family have expanded their race team in off-season with Ian Board joining his daughter Zara this season in a new car. We ask them a few questions before the new season starts.

Any changes in the off-season to the race car/bike?

A new to the team this season is a Ex Norm Butler Modified Dragster. Zara's Junior dragster roll cage was raised 3 inchs by Blackmagi race car. Full chassis was striped down, welds checked and re-powdercoated black by Pinjarra powder coaters. Full rebuild and going over everything.

What are you plans for this season?

Ian's pans are to have fun, learn the new car and do the main state series. Maybe Sonja will make a appearance in Fast Racing Series towards second half of the season. Zara to have fun and run both the Fast Racing Series and WA Drag Racing Championship Series.

What are your goals for the season?

Ian's goals are to have fun learning the new car and just improve. Zara goals being her final year in junior after 1 runner up national champion and 2 runner up state champions. Wining a championship would be a great way to finish my junior career. To continue mentoring the younger junior racers and prep for stepping up to the modified Dragster.

What event are you most looking forward to?

Ian is the 47th annual Golden states, being able to run that with Zara. It means the world and something I didn't think could happen or would happen. Zara is The the Golden states and the Western Nationals and if lucky a trip east or 2.


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