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That's How it Starts!

It started out as jokes and laughs. A couple of photos and the word "sold" on a facebook post. We were just mucking around in the shed one afternoon. Ralph was putting himself through a mock up fit out in Rick and Liz's altered. Then as beers slid down their throats Ralph and Rick came up with this crazy idea of putting Ralph's 400ci deal into Ricks altered.

3 months later the transition was completed however it sat in the shed with nowhere to go until the much needed championship save half way through the 2016/17 season. It all got real when we decided to complete the full 2017/18 season in the altered and although it was testing to make it get down the track with a 1000 hp bullet poked in her, it was also fun having a race car that could compete in super comp and then move into competition with the big boys for some added fun.

It has been a great season for the Yes Boss Racing team. With three wins, one finalist due to rainy weather, the ANDRA Gold Christmas tree, Competition eliminator Top Qualifier medallion and Runner up in the championship for the year falling short by only a mere 5 points. A ET Personal best of 7.23 and a SPEED Personal best of 295.74 km. And to add to all of that we still managed to retain the highest point score across the country although not getting #1 from not travelling we did achieve 2017/18 WA Divisional Champion in Competition.

It's a tough game when you're not in it for the national title but it's still a personal best to put towards our own drag racing career highlights. So when fun and games take place in sheds between the guys this stuff does get real which made this team enter into an altered world.

Written by Deb Peters.

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