Weston's 1# Fans!

‘Weston’s 1# Fans!’

Times have been challenging recently.

I’m not just referring to 12am finishes and endless hours being spent in the work shop, completing the build of the new Weston Racing dragster.

Harrold Davies my grandad has received some uneasy news in the last weeks past.

The ‘C’ word, the one we often hear infiltrating conversation amongst friends.. the verdict behind losing too many of our shared passion filled friends and the disease you choose to be ignorant towards ever breaking your family.

This is not the first time the ‘C’ Word has visited my Family, by visited I’d like to state we have conquered this villain before and we will work to again.

Norma Davies my Nanny and loving wife of Harrold has also been dealt her unfair share of undeserved pain. In spite of the negative times they have been through and are currently battling they remain positive, providing me with the motivation I have required to complete this build.

All Racers know the expenses involved with racing and the continuous outgoing flow of income that is require to build and run these high hor